Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Books that got me Reading

These are the books that made me love to read and want to read more. I have read these stories countless times (as their tattered covers show) and will never forget how much pleasure each has bought me.

I can't think of a Dahl book that I haven't enjoyed but my two favourites would have to be The Twits and George's Marvellous Medicine. The amazing thing about these stories (besides Dahl's lively, fast-paced style of writing) are the villains; bad, evil people are just as vile in appearance and manner as they are on the inside and this is incredibly satisfying. 

There is a sense of adventure in The Famous Five books, The Enchanted Wood and The Secret Passage which is rarely captured in adult books. I used to read these books before I went to sleep and after I was told to put my light out to go to sleep, I would lie in bed imagining various outcomes.

The Harry Potter books are the best children's books that I have ever read- and I have read many! At any time, a reader can escape the banality of everyday life and be transformed into a fantasy that somehow seems tangible. Rowling's attention to detail and focus on family and true love make her books stand far above the likes of Twilight and The Hunger Games

Sunday, 10 June 2012


Firstly, I'd like to apologise for the rather boring look to my blog; I am completely new to this and intend on improving my skills as I go along.

I am a reading enthusiast! I enjoy a wide variety of novels, poems, plays and articles and as I am studying English Literature, I have access to many.

I write this blog with the hope that, over time, I will have a record of my favourite books and the thoughts and feelings that go through my head as I read. I will write about what I am currently reading and favourites from the past. After all, a text can be completely consuming and meaningful to person; in short, a good book should never be forgotten.

First book to come tomorrow!