Thursday, 1 August 2013

University Summer Reading

Hi! Sorry, I know I haven't posted in a while but I've had a busy few weeks. I've been on holiday to Sorrento which was really lovely (especially as I didn't get a holiday last year), stayed at my boyfriend's house for a few days and caught up with family and friends.

Enjoying a nice dog walk with my furry friend

Just as I was getting into an incredibly lazy lifestyle (getting up at half past nine, lounging in the sun etc, etc) my summer reading list dropped into my inbox. For my final year at uni, I have to buy around 40 books. This doesn't include secondary books which I can borrow from the library, these are books I need to have my own copy of. Obviously this is always quite pricey so I buy the books in stages and shop around to get the best deal.

As you can see, there's quite a mixture there. I bought all the Bronte sister's novels that I didn't already have as I am planning on writing on some of their books in my dissertation. I have bought the Oxford World's Classics versions of most of the books as they have really useful explanatory and introductions which are a great help if not essential when you are using books for academic purposes. 

As for shopping around I bought these books from Waterstones Online, Amazon and eBay. Now I know a lot of people (especially my fellow students) write Waterstones off as far too expensive and favour Amazon but when I checked prices online, most of the Oxford World's Classics were either the same price if not slightly cheaper online. Not only that, but students get 10% off with Waterstones (which you don't with Amazon), Waterstones offer loyalty points and often free postage. I did buy a few books from Amazon because they are cheaper on somethings but was disappointed that the books took so long to come and that Amazon have started charging postage. Although eBay doesn't always have what you want, it can be great for books- much better (cheaper and dispatched more quickly) than the sellers on Amazon, probably because the feedback system on eBay is used far more successfully on eBay than Amazon and it's sellers want to maintain a good feedback score. For instance, I bought Shirley by Charlotte Bronte off eBay, brand new Oxford World's Classics edition for £3 including postage. So check on there for bargains. 

I have only read 2 of these books so far- The Professor by Charlotte Bronte and Villette by Charlotte Bronte, both of which I enjoyed and will write a small review of each on here soon. I will be attempting to read Ulysses soon, but I can't say I'm looking forward to it much; it's huge and supposedly difficult to read! Have you read any of the new books I've bought? If so, any advice? What did you think? 

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